Tuesday, 22 February 2011

tshirt necklace with vintage keys

Me in the tshirt necklace

This morning I thought i would make a tshirt necklace. It's been on my craft list for ages and I thought I would have a go at making one while I had some spare time. I diligently googled 't-shirt necklace tutorials' 't-shirt scarves diy' etc and failed at every turn to find a tutorial I liked, or a picture that actually led to a tutorial, several had been yanked from their blogs with no explanations. No help at all. I grumbled on twitter and my friend Juanita said :

Juanita C.
@ Surely you can come up with something better :)

So I went digging though my t-shirts and remembered the knit tshirt scarflette I made the other year. I dug out the t-shirt scarflette which was hiding behind some books in my bedside cabinet and unravelled it. The tutorial I wrote for making t-shirt yarn is here if you want to give it a go its pretty simple and you can use seemed t-shirts which I have more of than unseemed.

T-shirt necklace with vintage keys

Instead of using loops of t-shirt I wound the t-shirt yarn around my hand and a know on my chest of drawers (but you can get someone to help you) I place the yarn around my neck pulling at the strands till they went the way I wanted them too then I tied the ends of the yarn together around all of the strands. If at any time I can undo the knots and remake the yarn into something else. I think took three small vintage keys and looped yarn through them to hold them in place. The whole craft took less than 15 minutes. The yarn is still wiggly from being knit but I like the effect and am sure it will fall out eventually.


Juanita Tortilla said...

Teehee. See now! I knew you would come up with something.

I was just about to say how I like the curly-wurly effect. It's great that you can un-tie the strands and make something out of it, again, AGAIN! :)

Miaou said...

I actually love the wiggly effect! If you did it again, you could loosely knit it up, then iron it, then unravel it, and it will hold the wiggle really well!

jillytacy said...

Wiggly looks good. I've never seen a tee-shirt necklace but I like it!