Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Knitting with One Needle

Hello my name is Meridianariel and I’m a knitter. Ok I admit it I have been learning how to knit for the last few months. Nothing spectacularly difficult yet the sum total of my knitting is half a dozen scarves and scarf like objects that have been made vaguely into other things. A collar for a stuffed animal dragon, a small purse with a button and an mp3 holder. Oh and a few headbands but my husband says that they are just very small scarves with the ends sewn together. Oh and I mustn’t forget my very favourite item a coffee jacket, a knitted version of those little cardboard holders that keep your fingerprints from burning off when you hold a paper cup from Starbucks. Honestly its very useful when you are as addicted to coffee as we are. Mmmm coffee
One day I will attempt a hat or sweater or actually follow a proper pattern honest for the time being though I’m happy messing about with pretty wool making simple little things while watching TV at night or waiting for my other half to bring me coffee while sitting in Starbucks. Ah the simple pleasures coffee chocolate and knitting.
Recently while visiting my parents in Idaho I lost one of my knitting needles, while shopping in Wal-Mart (head hanging in shame) and my husband took great glee in saying I was “Knitting with one needle.” equating it with being one brick short of a load or a cookie short of a dozen. Honestly my husband and my mother laughed hysterically at that, so I made them take me straight to the craft shop so I could get a new set. I was so not amused. I find knitting very relaxing and calming, except when everything goes to pot, and even then you just rip it back and start again no harm done. And they make a rather nifty weapon against evildoers.

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Frizbe said...

small improvised weapons, like it ;-)
Mumsnet has a knitting circle, you should join it!