Sunday, 17 July 2011

secret message holder and picnic plans

Saturday morning I made a secret message holder for H using an old key chain and a pet i.d. that had been kicking around the house forever. I typed the note and gave the secret key chain to Harrison wrapped in a bit of tissue paper. He has spent all weekend twisting the pet i.d. capsule open and shut and reading the note 'Dr. Horrible is my hero.' over and over again. I told him he can type his own secret note or the location of a secret hiding place and we will play spies. Or possibly list the secret location of food stores in the event of an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse. A simple thing to make a boy happy.


picnic plan update: Its been a manic few weeks here with awards, organizing the school summer fair and more things than I can remember to blog at this moment in time. A few interested bloggers, twitter-ers have said that they are free to come play on Mondays or Wednesdays so I'm going to call the shots and say:

Picnic Blog/Tweet Up
Where: Chatsworth Grounds
(meeting near the car park on the grass near the trees leading up to the shops)
When: Monday the 8th of August
Time: From 11am-4pm (ish)
What to bring: a picnic, the kids, craft work in progress bag if you want to sit and sew/knit/sketch while picnic-ing and chatting. Cake works too but is not essential as Chatsworth has excellent cake and coffee.

Nothing is set in stone I figured this would be as flexible as possible with many different people coming from all over the place. I just thought it would be great to have a little get together. I may possibly be mad, as I like many of you I'm an anti-social introvert, But I have met quite a few bloggers and twitter people and so far we have all got on like a house on fire.

Any Questions?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Who wants to go on a picnic?

There are so many of us like minded crafters, creatives and friendly folk on twitter it would be nice to all meet up. I have been thinking for awhile now that we should have a picnic tweet-up at Chatsworth during the summer holidays.

Lets chat and gossip in person while the kids form an intricate tribal infrastructure in the manner of Lord of the Flies... hmmm ok maybe not quite that. I have mentioned a picnic a few times on twitter and Facebook and thought it was time to blog about it and put some sort of plan together. Many of you have expressed an interest in a meet up-tweet up, some of you have come to the little crafty meet ups at Starbucks near ikea Nottingham. So who is with me for a big summer meet up?

I will need a little help to narrow down a day or two that would be ideal for meeting up? You don't have to have kids to meet up but as most of the people on my twitter feed do it makes sense to plan something out that can keep the kids busy as well. There are a lot of things to do at Chatsworth especially the farmyard and playground, plenty of places to let the kids roam and nearby favourites like Caudwell's Mill, Stanton Moor, Matlock Bath, Scarthin Books and more. Oh and I also know where there are some lovely fabric and quilt shops nearby if you are of the fabric persuasion.

So who wants to come out to play?
Can you help me figure out a date? (With Matt being a wedding photographer we don't tend to go far in the summer holidays so pretty much all days are clear with me.

Will there be people willing to give rides to others who don't have transportation there?

I'll be on twitter if you want to ask me anything.