Sunday, 2 September 2007

Into the Sun

The above images are a bit crap due to it being only my little camera phone, I might plead with M at a later date to take some proper pictures of the paintings i just did tonight. The paint is in fact still wet but I was very happy to have sat down and felt like painting not one but three little pictures. They are loosely inspired by some glass art work in a glass working workshop in Caldwell's Mill that was all Burgundy and gold that frizbe loved, it just so happened that i had a bit of gold paint in the bottom of my paint box and earlier I just felt like painting. M says its like something just snapped in me or a switch was flicked because the canvases sat blank in the closet for the last two months and tonight I painted all three.
I'll see if I still like them when they have dried overnight. Of course I haven't a clue what to do with them as there really isn't any space on the wall that doesn't already have framed photographs from M or a few oil paintings that I did about ten years ago. anyway I'm happy and on a little creative buzz but that might just be all the coffee I had earlier.

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Frizbe said...

So I've kidnapped the one that looks like an angels wing! or as matt says, the sea washing on sand..