Friday, 20 February 2009

Chimera Book and Writing Group

A few weeks ago I lamented to Frizbe that I have always wanted to be in a book group, but never have because I have never been the sort of girly girl to sit and read Oprah's book club books about soppy modern romance, or tale of horrific childhood trauma. Books should be something that you fall into the world of the author, that you love, and that take you far far away from the mundane normalcy of everyday life. In my case a tendency towards dark other worlds, inhabited by aliens, demons, vampires, and other inhabitants of the night.

We talked about books and books groups and the great writing course we went on together last year. We sipped lattes and put our heads together, there were no book groups in Ripley, alternative our otherwise, and there should be. So we thought about starting our own. Frizbe took our idea and ran with it, she pestered Ripley's Librarian for information and book lists and found a slot on Tuesday March 3rd to hold the meeting at Chimera, the games shop she and her husband own in Ripley. So as of Tuesday the 3rd I will be in a book and writing group with real people (or possibly just me Frizbe and whoever else she can pin down to attend). eek!

Where: Chimera Shop Church Street, Ripley, Derbyshire
When:Tuesday 3rd March 2009
Start time 19:30-21:30
Cost: £2.50
What to bring: Your notepad, a pen, and a favourite book
genre: its an alternative book group, so horror, sci-fi, manga, graphic novels, etc....

for more information have a look here

Hmm do you think I should bake something to bring?


Frizbe said...

Hmmm opening cake! now that's a plan :-) PS: Turns out there are a few other book groups running out of the library, just none that we'd like!!

Apryl said...

*LOL* I can just imagine the sort of book groups run by the Library.. there will be the fluffy bunny romance group.. and the tragic tales from Tragicland