Saturday, 14 March 2009

OMG I never posted my Owl Swap Goodies!

Owl Banner across the hearth

It comes to my attention that I am a complete scatterbrain, I'm sure many of you dear readers will have come to this conclusion all by yourselves. I was comepetely over the moon when I recieved my owl swap parcel from Hope, I took pictures and I carried everything around the house with me, I uploaded pictures to flickr and promptly forgot to actually blog what I got! As Homer Simpson would say..."D'oh".

a close up of the adorable owl banner

Hope made me this adorable owl banner, in lovely brown cream, and natural colours, with little orange beaks, on their tummies are little letters spelling out Apryl. Along with the banner I got all the lovely goodies you see below, an Owl journal, an owl stamp, adorable little owl note cards, stickers, an owl printed in green on a canvas tote, and as my treat (as if all the rest of that wasn't enough) some fabulous squares of fabric. I think they are quilting squares but as I don't quilt and only use small pieces of fabric in the things I sew they shall make for some fantastic crafting.

yummy goodies

That pink wood grain fabric is my favourite, I think, though I'm not even the biggest pink fan. What did I send Hope in return, well.... erm.... I have one photo of the little Owl Hanger I sent her, but I was in such a hurry to get everything sent off in time I completely forgot to take pictures of the chocolate, few bits of trim, fabric and the bracelet I made and sent her. I know I'm useless.

little owl hanger I made for Hope


The Children's Jewellery Company said...

Great stuff and your house looks lovely too!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

The banner is so lovely. Everything you received is darling. Of course with owls you do run the risk of some of the funkier, not so cute ones. But everyone you received was perfect.

Ani said...

I LOVE the owl banner - so creative is Hope! Lucky you! You're not alone in the scatterbrain category, in fact I bet in a contest I'd have you beat! :-D I tryd soooo hard today to get a list of things done and I only succeeded in getting to the grocery store and answering a few emails. :( Ah well, tomorrow is another day! Best,

Jacqueline said...

Those are really nice items...LOVE the banner!! And yes your house is soo lovely! I love your little owl too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

AnnieB said...

what good goodies!

Anonymous said...

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