Tuesday, 1 September 2009

making t-shirt yarn

teal t-shirt yarn

In my wanderings on the interwebs a few weeks ago I found some t-shirt yarn on etsy.. .it looked lovely but it cost a small fortune, and as I'm not the best of knitters I put that idea on the back burner for another day in the distant future when my blogging has made me a fortune.....in other words never.

A few days ago I remembered about the t-shirt yarn and googled to see if there were any tutorials and found two great tutorials on Polka Dot Pineapple and Craft Passion (visit both sites because they are brilliant tutorials) to make t-shirt yarn. The t-shirt yarn tutorials used t-shirts with no side seams, I have plenty of old t-shirts I thought it would be a great idea...but on further investigation found that every single old t-shirt we have has side seams.

red and white t-shirt yarn

So I sat and grumped then thought of all the times I have broken yarn while knitting (quite a few times as I'm a bad knitter) so I decided to experiment and cut up an old red t-shirt of H's and tie strips of yarn together.... the strips were thick so the yarn was chunky but it worked and knit rather well while I sat with an iced latte in Starbucks. After the red I cut up one of H's white t-shirts, this time in thinner strips which when pulled out and tied together made a thinner more flexible yarn.

*My last attempt was a teal t-shirt of mine that was from Primark and as such the seams were crooked to begin with.

*I cut all the seams away and folded up the front rectangle of fabric and cut it into narrow strips. (they aren't all together even and my scissors decided to fall apart on me

*I then pulled all the strips out so that the fabric curled back on itself and carefully tied the strips together. I trimmed the loose knots and wound the t-shirt yarn into a ball.

*I started knitting with it, only a skinny scarf of 5 stitches across but I'm pleased with how it looks so far and will update when I finish the scarf.


DanaHarriston said...

This is a great tutorial! The pictures REALLY help too!

Great post


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ooh it looks really nice knitted up - i think i may have a go at this!

Jodie said...

Love love love this idea.....

Amanda @RusticRemnants said...

This is really my kind of craft. I love to recycle items like this. I wonder how it would crochet? I'll keep an eye out for your finished scarf.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to reuse old tshirts. And great logical thinking of how to do something which seems out of yours means.

Kim Dellow said...

That is such a fab Idea. TFS. Kim

Arlette said...

Hi Apryl! You can still use the t-shirts with side seams if you take the t-shirts to your sewing machine first and go ov er the seams with a small to medium stitch prior to cutting. You can do this with all kinds of clothing, not just t-shirts. It will not fall apart as long as you reinforce the seams prior to cutting. You can use sheets, fabric straight from the bolt, old clothing, and just sew them into a tube and reinforce the seam twice and cut it using my tutorial. I have a post on my blog on how I cut up a cotton chefs pants into yarn and used it to make a rag rug. Here's the link: http://mousechirpy-polkadotpineapple.blogspot.com/2009/03/from-chefs-pants-to-rag-rug.html
Have fun. I've been making yarn this way for many years and it is a very good way to recycle.

Sagar said...

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Unknown said...

What a great way to reuse old tshirts. And great logical thinking of how to do something which seems out of yours means.

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Sourav said...

Making a yarn out of t-shirt is really a great idea. A t-shirt can be recycled into many things, options are limitless. In the past I have made bermudas out of them, made tote bags, many things can be done. Thanks for sharing those awesome ideas.

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