Thursday, 15 October 2009

the cookie cutter caper

skull cookie cutter

So I was sitting here curled in my favourite chair thinking about Halloweeny things and this little worm of a though crept into my pestered and pestered.

Me: Halloween soon… and I need to sort out a pumpkin shaped cake for the Boy's birthday

my brain: Nah don't want to do that...

me: must look up icing recipes and find a bunt cake tin to make the cake pumpkin-y.

my brain: Boring

me: I have had a crappy week, I'm tired and I need to do something productive.

my brain: thats no fun.. I know Dia De los Muertos.

me: What?

my brain: the Mexican Day of the Dead

me: I know... what about it.

my brain: cookies!!!!

me: what?

my brain: sugar skull cookies.

me: I don't have a skull shaped cookie cutter.

my brain: the internets

me: *sigh*

my brain: that's it that’s perfect!

me: its not available.

my brain: ask our friends... tweet it

goes on twitter.....pleads for skull cookie cutters...

meridianariel *grump* trying to find a nice "skull" cookie cutter to make sugar skull cookies .. gerrrr help?

snowflakeunique @meridianariel found these ones.

meridianariel @snowflakeunique lovely but the postage ouch...any uk ones? All I have seen are sets and I only want a skull for Dia Dae los Muertos cookies

snowflakeunique @meridianariel good old lakeland ?

my brain: lets go shopping in Derby...we need clothes and coffee too.

me: I hate shopping... but it would be nice to get out of the house... coffee is good...and there are books..

my brain: yay.. and cookie cutters....
so off my brain and I trundle to Derby, in search of cookie cutters... FAIL .... the only skull cookie cutter is one in a Halloween mini set from Lakeland, as I already have Halloween cookie cutters (bat, cat, tombstone, ghost) and dont need more. In the mean time I meet up with my friend Ali and have a blubber about being homesick for the states, depressed, and despairing of the state of Halloween around these here parts, I refrain from telling her about my cookie cutter obsession. I shopped for clothes drank rather too many iced lattes.

my brain: no cookie cutters then? *is sad*

me: nope

my brain: we're clever and crafty can't we make one?

...googles on phone with free mall wi-fi while drinking iced latte. Cookie cutter tutorial

me: *snorting with laughter* sharp metal? and stuff from the hardware store.. I'm thinking not.. hmmm I wonder....

my brain: wait... what?

me: what if we got a round cookie cutter and reshaped it?

trundles off to a cook shop and purchases a large round metal cookie cutter.
meridianariel Have bought a round cookie cutter and am going to bend it into a skull shape! I will win or die trying.

--------------------------dude zombies...go see it NOW!

Then Matt met me at the mall and we went to go see Zombieland and the cookie cutter was forgotten.

Me: OMG Zombies!!! *zombie glee*

Matt: *zombie glee*

My brain: dude zombies rock! *zombie glee*
The next day I sit at my desk and get the pliers out and being to shape and bend the cookie cutter, using my hands, the desk, and the pliers.

My brain: that’s not a skull….it’s a mushroom!

Me: It’s not finished yet!

My brain: just saying like…sheesh.. trying to be helpful and all.


My brain: it’s a skull! It’s a skull… It’s ALIVE!!! *mad scientist laughter*

Me: *sighs*

My brain: cookies cookies cookies cookies…

Me: *face palm* it’s not the Day of the Dead yet…

My brain: … cookies?

Me: no

My brain: you suck…

me: whatever...

the end

what? True story it totally happened that way.


Kitschy Coo said...

Haha, too funny! Finished article looks great, looking forward to seeing the cookies!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

i love your brain - it seems like better company than mine which just wants me to waste my time on the interwebs or read clive barker and neil gaiman books all day long!

looking forward to seeing the cookies - they'll be great fun to ice!

Lisa-Marie said...

Apryl, you are a legend! I feel dreadful today, and that post just made me laugh so, so much! Thank you!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Great post, and that cookie cutter is perfect. I can't wait to see the cookies!

Carmen said...

Fantastic post. Can't believe you've seen Zombieland . I wanna see Zombieland. S'not fair!

Bigbluebed said...

I have enjoyed reading this post. And well done on being enterprising. I bet yours is better than the ones you could/could not buy.

Kylie said...

OK rolling on floor laughing now. I must remember to have more conscious conversations with my brain the results appear creative.

Jenny S said...

Ha ha ha!! Can't wait to see your cookies xo

SpoiltPig said...

Ahahaha :) I like your brains! in a good zombie kinda way, of course.
Zombieland is next on my film hitlist and I'm sure there's a zombie walk happening in Glasgow soon which sounds far too good to miss.

Kathryn said...

Excellent post there! I do hope we'll see some cookies soon!


Great artile, put a smile to a Monday evening. Kx

jacqueline said...

This is soo cute and funny! I adore your skull cookie cutter! Oh and i love your new blog feel and lovely banner! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

jillytacy said...

I loved Zombieland! Shawn of the Dead is another favorite. I also have Pride Predjuice and Zombies but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. How was it? I'll get to it this summer.