Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quilt Blocks on Valentine's

I can sew me
Several months ago I bought some homespun checks and ticking fabric from Bespoke Country shop in Scarborough, it was gorgeous and very Americana, and the kernel of an idea popped into my brain. The idea was to turn the fabrics into a rustic?bespoke/primitive Americana quilt. My experience of quilting is an extremely small scrap doll quilt I made for H's stuffed dragon and cat to sleep on so I put the idea and the fabric on the shelf for a very long time.

you already knew I was square so this shouldn't be a suprise
Two weeks ago I got the courage to cut into the fabric to make medium sized squares all read for quilting, and they stayed like that until yesterday when I finally got up the courage to sew the small squares into blocks of four squares. This morning I added a fifth block to the pile and then my teeny tiny sewing machine coughed and died. well it didn't cough, it was more of a strangled scream and it juddered to a halt and wont do anything but tangle. It is now out of warranty so perhaps a new machine will be on the cards for my birthday in April (meh). What I will do until then I don't know, my hand sewing is horrifying and I promised H we would draw some dolls with fabric pens and sew them together on the machine.

*holds up card saying "Will bake if you help me sew"*

can I has coffee now???

I'm still proud of the 5 blocks I have done, and all I could make is the quilt top as the machine was too small to handle all the layers of a quilt anyway, so I would still have to rope someone into helping me anyway. Matt has toddled off to the shops to get something for dinner and H is at a birthday party up the road so I really should be tidying the rest of the house and/or catching up on the mountain of emails that I have been ignoring. *looks longingly at the kettle*

You know I might just have a drink before I get my cleaner's hat on.

Also Happy Valentine's Day, Matt and I shall be watching a vampire or zombie flick later. Nothing says cuddly love like hearts being ripped from chests and zombies going 'nom nom nom' ...What? I'm totally romantical.

less than three....


Katy said...

well done you!!!!

You totally know I'll help you out with quilting it, right?

Have a lovely romantical evening with the zombies. I hope Matt doesn't get carried away and start trying to bite your neck or ripping your guts out though. That wouldn't be so great....

Carmen said...

I got given a sewing machine not long ago and kept doing exactly what you describe. Turns out there was a load of thread got clogged around the thingy that holds the bobbin in the bottom. It was all jammed up and oily - might be worth having a poke about back there and have a looksee.

I'm a definite newbie sewer so am very impressed and lots of 'oooohs' have just come your way via me :) Am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

オテモヤン said...