Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Note book

I was never one to write in diaries, I did get one or two diaries for gifts and as much as I ever wrote was...

Dear Diary,

Today I which point I couldn't fathom writing any more to this 'Diary' person and never opened the diary again. Notebooks I love and covet and usually have several on the go. I have always liked making lists, filling little notebooks with lists of movies, music, recipes, books read, books to read, dreams (literal), dreams (not so literal), quotes, ideas and odd little doodles. Notebooks are grand places to use the pens I also hoard collect.

I like to think of this blog as one of my notebooks in the digital realm, its filled with the oddments of what makes me tick...or at least the censored not quite as depressive version of my exploits through life, the craft world and pottering in my kitchen. As its the new year... well still January I thought I should do some resolutions but I find resolutions difficult to adhere to so aside from the stand by of loose weight, eat less pudding and be happier... I'm going to put a list here of things I want to try this year (or the next) nothing major, I'm not talking jumping out of planes or swimming with sharks, this isn't a bucket list (or end up as pieces swept up into a bucket list).

so here goes

A list of list-y things:

*have a proper design for my blog

*write more ~stories, drabbles.. start small I'm not ready for novel writing.

*draw ~I haven't doodled much in the last few months and though my skills as an artist aren't legendary I still want to draw more.

*make a zine ~I need help here because I have ideas and stories and a few doodles but cannot wrap my head around printing them... so please help and harp at me.

*letterpress printing ~ I badgered the lovely jax to print an Ansel Adams quote for Matt's Christmas present and it has got me thinking that I would love to go to a workshop letterpress day to play with letters (no idea what I would make a print of...probably a Firefly quote *geek*)

*learn to crochet *again*

*make a small quilt (I started some blocks last year but that's as far as I got.

*paint and distress (farmhouse - americana - shabby chic sort of thing) the chairs and table from grandma's house that nobody wants.

*make jam (as I only have had one failed attempt at blackberry jam... and I actually don't really like blackberries.

*probably some other things to be added later but I need to get the house work done and bake some cakes...

what's on your list?


Juanita Tortilla said...

Sounds good to me.
I do hope you will get to achieve these crafty goals. (Most sound crafty!)

My list is just a little snowball from 2010's:
1. Paint, again. Something, anything.
2. Sew clothes for self. Learn to, that is.
3. *New* Focus on shop, more.
4. *New* Extinguish my current stash and supplies.

That's all, for now :)

P.S. I kicked Learning German right out of the list. It will happen when it happens :D

Hannah said...

I too am drawing more I have joined the sketchbook challenge to help me out tho I am not usually very good at keeping up with these things.
I actually think that list keeping is very good way of keeping are all different and fulfil a different purpose.

oh and I am looking forward to helping with the crochet :)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

hey you stole my list, WORD FOR WORD :-) I actually prefer your blog changing. Although I suppose it's because I do the same. I think the minute you have a style for your blog you'd grow tired of it. Your way is far more creative.

jillytacy said...

Your list looks good. I have lots of lists too but hate when they get messy from scratching things off. Then I feel the need to rewrite the lists resulting in a whole lot of lists and a feeling that the lists will never end.
As far as things I want to do and learn the list is way to long to keep track of!!!

Frizbe said...

I might give lemon and lime marmalade a go, have been inspired by Sainsbo's mag this month, other than that no going bust is my main priority for myself and the business this year!

"ethel" said...

Will bring hooks and yarn to Costa at the next meet-up. I'll get you crocheting! :o)