Sunday, 8 April 2007

Apple Pies, Chocolate Highs, and Eggs of Stone

Today is that wondrous day called Easter when all good little children wake to find deposits of chocolate eggs deposited throughout their homes and gardens. Where parents smiles are tight around the edges as the little devils tear into brightly wrapped eggs gorging on chocolate in savage abandon, eyes wild and bodies trembling as the sugar hit’s the bloodstream, Chocolate dripping from mouths, fingers covered in the broken bodies of chocolate bunnies. Whatever happened to brightly coloured boiled eggs? I guess its more of an American thing, because you just can get a hold of egg dying kits here and its very rare to find those little plastic eggs that you fill with all manner of goodies. Mind you I actually never liked to eat the boiled eggs and after several years my parents (The Easter Bunny) left me a basket with a stone egg, not edible of course but very pretty and guaranteed not to get forgotten somewhere and to fester and rot as spring turns to summer. I got candy as well, jelly beans, and pistachio nuts, and reeces peanut butter cups.

I think it’s a tradition that I will take up next year with my son, as he has ended up with indescribably huge cache of chocolate that no three year old should ever be in possession of. I think it might possible have something to do with my husband M, being a chocoholic and should in future never be allowed near Easter eggs ever again. So next year I am going to cart some egg dye back from visiting my parents in Idaho, source out a stone egg and minimize the amount of chocolate and candy. Right saying that I’m off to take my apple pie with cinnamon crumble topping out of the oven and get down to the real work of making a nice dinner, balsamic and brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes, pork chops with cider and cream, and parmesan mashed potatoes.

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