Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Somewhat Useful

Ok so I haven’t exactly painted my little canvases yet but I’m getting there I have done some sketches I’m just procrastinating at usual, but I did start knitting something new, and blue. It might be a shawl or it might be a simple poncho type of affair, I’m not really sure yet, but its definitely blue-ish. And I also did make an orange headband for my friend Frizbe to take away on her holiday to match the orange top she bought so there is a real reason behind the delay. Honest . And though its only a simple quick knit it made me feel quite happy to make it, and hopefully prove to be a somewhat useful item. I will try and invest some time into getting my husband, the photographer, to take some pictures of the bits and pieces I have been knitting and hopefully get them up here for the world to criticize. I may not knit well, or even often but at least so far I’m sticking to it and learning bit by bit. Who know one day I might knit my husband and son matching sweaters then will see who gets the last laugh!

1 comment:

Frizbe said...

and what a fine headband it is too, complements my orange top perfectly :-)