Friday, 20 April 2007

Raspberry Shortcake and Teal Paint

I’m not an artist I just play one on tv. I have painted my little canvases. Well three out of four ain’t half… um three quarters bad. The fourth one defied me and didn’t want to be anything I wanted it to be, so for now its just a smeared teal canvas. Its ok I’m fine with that the others have turned out well enough and I had fun painting them last night as I deftly avoided doing any more housework! The house is clean anyway, at least on the surface as long as nobody looks in the closet under the stairs, or in any boxes and especially not in the shed or the attic. Speaking of attics I need to go up into the dark cobwebby depths of ours to retrieve a new canvas to paint from one of the blank ones loitering in the dust up there, I don’t do ladders though so will enlist M to fetch and carry for me. I have some lovely Raspberry Shortcake to bribe him with so things should turn out to my advantage. Unless there are spiders, then I'm on my own.

As for what I’m going to do with the miniature paintings I’m not entirely sure but I think of painting as being a form of therapy, it calms and relaxes me, most of the time. Though I’m no expert or even that talented and still a bit rusty from having abandoned painting for the better part of two years or more. I’m baaaack to it with my chipped star buck’s cup full of ratty paintbrushes and a stack of disused bibs as cloths. Maybe next time I’ll crack open the oils as all my acrylics are half empty and dried out. Though there is plenty of house paint out in the shed! And I am so much better at painting canvas than painting walls, every time I paint a room I always end up absolutely covered in paint and fed up of having to scrape it off my glasses.

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