Saturday, 28 April 2007

Lint flavoured Jelly Bean

I have neglected my housewifely duties today and made no cakes nor done much. I blame my poorly knee or is that my clumsiness as I twisted my knee yesterday and have been limping around the house whimpering all day with H asking if I want some medicine or a boo boo plaster (band-aid). I have now resorted to the medicinal effects of some ages old jelly beans that have been mouldering quietly to themselves in the back of the cupboard for some time. I’m almost certain the orange one moved. Probably not the worst thing I have ever eaten, considering the mass quantities of red Swedish fish, pixie-sticks, and sour gummy creatures consumed in my childhood….teen years? Erm ok I confess I do have an addiction but I keep it down to twice a year when we visit the States. Honest. The rest of the time I stick to coffee, dark chocolate and scones with jam and cream. And whatever cakes I have in the works. Oh and must not forget the holy grail of all candy the red hot tamales, well to me anyway.

Ooh look at all the pretty colours. Perhaps scavenging H’s old jelly beans was a bit of a mistake because I’m sure the one I just had tasted like lint. Perhaps it was lint, perhaps they aren’t even jelly beans but some highly evolved form of jelly bean, and I have just decimated their entire society, reduced them to a bad aftertaste and a belly full of sugary junk or fruity lint balls. I think I best go get something useful done now while the sugar rush is on!


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