Monday, 14 January 2008

Biting the Bullet

Its official the bullet is bitten, if you would all kindly look to your right you will find and little Etsy box. Do you see it thats me having my very own little Meridian Ariel Etsy Shop!

I'm still a nervous wreak that it will all go tits up and fizzle out on me, but its there all shiny and new and I'll see what becomes of it. I'm hoping that at the very least it sells enough to keep me in beads and paint! Wish me luck and tell me what you honestly think. If you want something and its not there tell me and I'll see what I do!


Annie B said...

it looks fab - well done

Unknown said...

It won't go tits up because your stuff is gorgeous!
And I know....because my bracelet came today, and it's beautiful, even more beautiful in real life than the pics. BTW, Can I nick a pic to put on my blog please?
I love it, it's perfect and you're a clever clever girly!!!! :)

Apryl said...

katy- glad you like the bracelet I was very worried about what to pick for you. you can take a pic of it be my guest, I think the garnet is prettier then it photographs. thank you.. thats cheered up my morning no end.

Frizbe said...

I agree, it's merely the start of lots more jewellery making and selling :-) have faith in yourself.