Thursday, 31 January 2008

Blue Sky at Night

storm front
The above picture was taken over Sainsbury's after M and I had finished shopping. The edge of a storm front, shame it wasn't over somewhere nicer than the grocery store really. I haven't gotten much crafting done today, as H is home but I did made the teal czech glass bracelet, the other two I made last night, before M and I went out to dinner like real people do, to Big Buddaha Thai Resturant in Belper, it was lovely and once the only other dinning couple left we were the only ones there, rather antisocial social outing, or soemthing to that effect. I didn't mind it was a great meal and the service was good, it was just very quite and off season middle of the week, so in other words absoloutly perfect for us.

tommorow while H is at preschool I will be updating the etsy shop, as well as painting, crafting, and baking. busy day.

teal czech glass beaded bracelet

amathyst and sterling silver bracelet

ice flake quartz and white onyx bracelet


Unknown said...

Wow - the sky looks amazing!!!

I love the green braelet on your previous post, and I just noticed some delicious looking cake too. Would you like to move a bit closer to me? Maybe my street (there's a house for sale...) and make me cake every day? Please? Or, if I ever win the lottery can I employ you as my pastry chef? I'd build you and the family a nice little house in the grounds of my mansion? ;)

Apryl said...

*LOL* as long as I get two holidays a year and i don't have to vacuume and have a dish washer!

I like the green one too, its a very delicate shade of green... I have some more beads left to make another bracelet with, maybe some lavender amathyst or rose quartz or something ina pale blue...

Unknown said...

Beautiful work as always ! How do you get your pics so crystal clear ?

Do you use one of those photobox thingies ?

That sky does not look real, looks like a painting, amazing.


Apryl said...

tillyboo I edit my photos in corel paint shop pro.. M grumbles at me for not using photoshop like he does... when there is good natural light it helps tons.. and there is a button that automatically clears up digital camera fuzz...

Frizbe said...

Good sky photo :-)

Unknown said...

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