Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sinister Crafting

Anticraft: Knitting, Beading and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister
With my Christmas book voucher clutched firmly in hand I visited and ordered the anticraft book. If you haven't been to then you are missing out on something. Admittedly I'm more geek than goth, but none the less I fiercely coveted this book and it arrived today in a flurry of loan offers, bills and general rubbish. I have yet to read it but in a quick skim through the pages it looks to be very good or vaguely evil at least, and nice to have something that is a bit different than the usual happy bunny crafting books out there, not that there is anything wrong with happy bunny books but sometimes you just need something a little more sarcastic, a little more sinister than that.

Anticraft Knitting Beading and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister