Thursday, 29 May 2008

Some Jewellery and Some Thrifting Finds

strawberry quartz and silver pendant

I made the pendant yesterday to match a strawberry quartz bracelet I made for myself a few posts back, I love it, its jangly yet simple and non fussy, which is perfect for me, I love simple clean lines of things, except for my chicken scratch handwriting obviously. I like pink though I don't wear it all that often and yesterday I wore the jewellery with a pink summery top, M wasn't sure what to make of me, as I was deviating from my normal dark colours, blacks, greys, and purples.

prehnite and black agate bracelet with flower toggle clasp

I need to order more toggle clasps as I have only a few left to play with, of them I made the green prehnite and black agate bracelet with this lovely silver plated flower toggle clasp. And the lovely golden rutilated quartz and sterling silver double strand bracelet, with a sterling silver clasp, its truly lovely and I am so very tempted to keep it for myself, but seeing as I have already kept the pendant something should really make it into my poor neglected Etsy shop.

golden rutilated quartz and sterling silver double strand bracelet

Which brings me to the last two images of some treasures from a thrift shop in Santa Rosa that we brought back with us. The clock is a reproduction but its lovely and we got it for $10 and its sitting happily on the mantle above the fireplace. M and I are totally enchanted and amused by it, amused because across the street was a shop selling shabby chic rustic white furniture, mirrors and clocks, etc, and we figure the clock we got for the thrift store would have been more that $75, the clock is only battery run but I think my dad would appreciate that we bought it. Clocks are one of his hobbies, he finds them normally broken ones and fixes them. The buttons are a lovely shade of lilac and will eventually adorn a java jacket that has been abandoned in mid-knit, I will get back to it eventually honest. I think the buttons were around .25 or .50 cents. I probably would have brought back half the contents of the thrift shop if I had a big enough suitcase. I wish the charity shops around here carried things half as nice.


liliac buttons


Frizbe said...

Lovely clock and lovely braclets and pendant too, I did murble that you were looking quite lovely yesterday (who cares what your dh thinks ;p

Hells said...

That clock is just lovely. I really really like the pendant too. Why is it though that something so simple is the hardest thing to get right? When I try simple I end up with 'unfinished looking'!!!! Clearly you don't have that problem!

Bloggy Mama said...

very nice!!! I love the quartz and sterling - gorgeous colour combo

Barbra said...

Love the buttons. I have no where near me to find such goodies...sad!

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