Monday, 19 May 2008

Storybook Pages

Before I begin this quite possibly random post I would like to announce the winner for my 200th post give away.. drum roll please! The winner is Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey. Thank you to everyone who left a comment, new visitors, and old friends. I appreciate every comment that is left and I try to visit and comment on everyone's blogs. Last night I was babysitting for a friend, so instead of vegging out on the sofa watching Indiana Jones I dragged my paints over and some storybook pages and set to work. My favourite is the Toadstool above, and the little red heart, I haven't flattened them out yet, and I might just get M to take some scans of the toadstool and the cherry blossoms because I think they would make great prints, or stickers, or something... any ideas?
The toadstool was the last thing I painted and to me Its just perfect, in a way that I don't normally think my well my anything is, I guess I'm my own harshest critic. The only painting that I'm not happy about is the doll one, based on one of those little momji (sp?) dolls, she didn't want to be painted apparently. This morning I finished working on J's watch, which I hope she likes as much as I do. Hopefully I will get some more beading done before , H gets home and chaos descends on our little house.


cherry blossoms


J's watch final assembly


AnnieB said...

congrats to katy

they'd make great stickers, or teeny tiny pendants - shrunk and in a funky frame

I think they will be great as miniatures actually, brilliant idea!

Miaou said...

love the teapot pic!

and the watch is fantastic ;-)

Susie said...

I think this is a great idea, I particularly like the teapot and the toadstool.

Katy said...

yay, I win!!! I love them, I am so pleased. Def mini tiny pendants - they'd be so cool. Just as they are is fab though. Best go email you......I am WELL chuffed! :)

Frizbe said...

I think they'd look good on bags too, thinking shopping bag sized.

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