Thursday, 17 July 2008

Burnt Coconut and Other Follies

Little White House II
This is the second little white house I have painted. The first one went to live with Annie of Overmilkwood fame, as a gift for being so sweet, and for being my biggest jewellery customer. Thanks Annie!

Sigmund the squirrel

I didn't like Sigmund when I first painted him, but somehow he seems to have grown on me.

the masked woman

I'm not sure about the masked woman yet, she just doesn't match the sketch I did which I prefer, perhaps she was just meant to be the sketch, to be in ink and pencil without any fussy bit of acrylic paint.

I know its a horrible horrible picture, don't look at it too long or you may cry, but this is the first mail label design I have come up with that I really like. I may go back to the drawing board though if the quality of this image is anything to go by. Before I ask M to scan it for me.

I bet you are wondering about the burnt coconut bit in my title? maybe just a little.. we I managed to almost burn a batch of coconut cookies. rescused them just in time, before they became burn to a crisp. Its how today seems to be going, nothing over the top bad, just a teensy bit off.

its your last chance to leave a comment on my illustration giveaway, I will draw the lucky winner in the morning, I would say bright and early, but the only one that is bright and early in the morning here is H, I need several cups of coffee before I'm even halfway human.


megan said...

i like that mail label but think it would look so cute with the button theif instead of a flower!
mmm.....coconut cookies....yum

Miaou said...

Love the mail label, fits beautifully with your style.

Anonymous said...

Very Whimsical Work--I like it. The backgrounds add so much to your paintings.

tillyboo said...

Little White House is cute, cute cute !

Frizbe said...

I think Megan has hit it on the head there :-)
or maybe an owl?

I left the crazy bone box in the kitchen with Matt, so hope it got to you, so you could pass it on ok?Was the visit from fil ok?

Chloe said...

Oh I LOVE the Squirrel!
He is brilliant.

AnnieB said...

heh heh heh heh heh -- that's me - I got the loveliest surprise in the mail from Apryl - that gorgeous little white house - it is so beautiful...can't wait to get it framed and hung up...thanks again you sweetie!

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