Wednesday, 21 January 2009

my crafty space

I took this picture a few days ago to share with you all. Its my crafty space... a bureau from Ikea. I have finally given up on the box room to be my crafty space, M thinks we could still share a desk but in reality that would never work because I would have half finished projects dotted about the big desk and he would want to do his picture editing after a wedding and it would be a train wreck in the making.
So last week I shuffled most, but not all, of my crafty things into the bedroom to reside in and around the bureau.
a few items on the desk
a Starbuck's coffee cup (of dubious acquisition) filled with paint brushes
a cup of coffee, filled with er coffee
dinky sewing machine
toadstool painted page
basket full of inspiration (books and magazines)
sketchbook on the go
various tubes of paint and some prepped music sheets
my plush owl prototype
if you look at the very far back of the desk and squint a bit you will see a needle book and pin cushion from AnnieB, a little clothes peg doll from Hope (which I still haven't blogged about as I'm so behind on posts). It needs work and a few more cosy details but seeing as we haven't even decorated in the bedroom yet we will get round it sometime soon.
so what does your crafty space look like?


JuanitaTortilla said...

Well, believe me, my craft space is a bigger train wreck than yours. It is so messy, I don't think I should turn my blog into a horror show (or give any viewing mothers the horror of such sight). My space looks like a couple of tornadoes have spun through!
Perhaps a little tidy up for a show-and-tell, next month. (I promise to tidy up my room!)

KittyAnn said...

I posted a pix of my mess a couple of weeks ago and no one turned to stone! It was a horrible mess after the holiday sewing, but I've got it all back in order now and even rearranged the room a bit to give the illusion of more space! It took a few days to come together but so worth it! Best, Ani

jillytacy said...

Your crafty space it much neater and inspirational than mine! it looks like you were hard at work.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Looks like you are being super productive too!

Sneddonia said...

I like it, it's compact :)