Thursday, 8 January 2009

mini bookmark tutorial

gift card sized bookmark

An explanation first, in case you think I might be turning mad. I love gift cards, not necessarily to be given them, although there is nothing nicer than having a fully loaded card for a bookstore in my hot little hands. I mean I collect them, every time we go to the states, I'm sure as a family we must have boxes full of empty gift cards, I love them they make perfect bookmarks for paperbacks as you can not only mark the page but mark the sentence or paragraph you left off at. But the cards I have mean something to me, from my favourite places and shops. I have ones from the Flying Goat coffee shop in Santa Rosa, The First Starbucks in Seattle, Bloomingdale's in San Francisco(one of which I gave to Katy, as she understands), and countless Old Navy and Target cards.
I have even converted M and H. H adores having cards for all his favourite places in the states, mainly IHOP, Old Navy, and Starbucks, and M has a very special Starbucks personalized card that I had a friend order for me to give M for his birthday last year, he keeps it in his wallet all the time even though there is no money left on it. As I love the size of the cards as bookmarks I thought it would be fun to make a fabric bookmark the same size as a gift card with a few scraps of fabric I have in my little fabric scrap box, a quick project to use up any small scraps of fabric that are too good to throw away.

mini bookmark tutorial


fabric scraps
needle and thread or sewing machine
pinking shears

1. Start by cutting 2 small pieces of fabric a 1/4 inch larger than a gift/credit card.

2. Cut 2 pieces of interfacing the same size as the fabric. And following the instructions iron the interfacing to the back of both pieces of fabric.

3. Place pieces together, with the right sides facing out, and stitch about a quarter of an inch away from edge all the way around the fabric.
4. Pink along the edge of the bookmark with your pinking shears.

5. Mark your place in your book with your new bookmark.
alternatively you could add ribbon or embroidered details to your bookmark. I hope you found a little inspiration from this quick craft idea.

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Frizbe said...

Cute :-)

Annie B said...

love this - and I know a little girl who has recently developed an uncanny ability to read "chapter books" who will love it too!

thanks for the idea

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