Monday, 28 February 2011

button bracelets

Button and cord bracelets

1x bored child
vintage buttons (modern will do)
cord (any colour, I got mine from a bead shop, make sure the cord fits through the button holes)

1. push the cord through the button holes and knot it at the back leaving two equal lengths of cord.

2. knot the cord (or braid/plait it) along the desired length.

3. knot the cord at the end of the braid/plait twice with enough space between the two knots to slip the button through.

4. Wear button bracelet proudly and make another one for daddy.

The Boy's bracelet

crafter's notes: it's a simple little craft project and I can't think of a way this can go wrong. Harrison hadn't wanted to craft with me for ages but does love to play with my modest vintage button collection. I remembered I had some cord left over from a jewellery project so I dug that out and we made simple knotted and braided/plaited bracelets. Harrison was bouncy and happy with his red button bracelet and insisted we make another one for Matt. I've run out of cord now so I best add that to my shopping list for next time I'm at a craft shop.

I best get back to the housework and finishing the two dolls I'm working on. They should be listed in my shop soon... so keep checking back.

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Talia said...

I love these. Am considering making some and then attempting to learn to wear bracelets! I hate things around my wrists normally.