Tuesday, 1 March 2011

button bookmarks

vintage buttons
craft glue
wooden coffee stirrers (I saved mine from Starbucks but plenty of other coffee shops have them)


1. clean and dry your coffee stirrers so they aren't covered in coffee, sugar, and syrup.

2. choose buttons.

3. glue buttons to coffee stirrers. let dry and bookmark your place in a book.
crafter's notes: a tiny simple craft to keep kids occupied. If you can bare to part with a few buttons... and suffer through drinking a coffee while out and about in the shops. The burdens we have as parents sometimes. :o) a fun quick craft project that can travel well, so that you need only bring a few buttons and a smidge of glue or double-sided tape with you when sitting in a coffee shop. Any excuse for more coffee. :o)


Fiona said...

Brilliant idea!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Very cute idea. I love the bracelet. I am going to make one for myself...and heading over to vintage violets right now! Thank-you for sharing.