Thursday, 7 June 2007

At the Movies

this week M and I went to see Pirates of the Muddied Plot III. You know what I mean, Johnny Depp was gloriously I on top form, Rush was great but I found myself being let down buy the amount of double crossing, superfluous clutter and plot content that appears to have been thrown in just for good measure. And quite disappointed by the Disney ending, Leaving Keira of the pouty lips to wait ten years for Will's return, ten years of what twiddling her thumbs and going back to her home, its gone, her father, dead, to being a lady? not gonna happen while limp will goes off ferrying souls about to the afterlife, with his heart cut out, and is now immortal. What I love fantasy and sci-fi but this is just a bit slapdash. And although I didn't stay to see the bit after the credits my friend assures me it is an over the top and incredibly cheesy scene that she would rather of not had to sit through. In this last scene there is Keira standing on the clifftop with a 9 year old boy watching the boat sail away. Honestly

Perhaps I'm turning into a cynic.. it was still a good movie held together by captain jack but I think it needed a hell of a lot more editing and reworking of the storyline a bit especially the ending. Speaking of less than a thrilling time at the movies a few weeks ago we went to see Spiderman III, yet another case of third outing in a trilogy gone a bit haywire. It got lots of complaints about too many characters, which is not my beef about it. The thing I hated was strutting and dancing scenes, I was ready to walk out, I hate hate hate cringe inducing scenes like that and had to hide my face in my hands, which M took much glee at as he loves to watch me squirm when I am faced with watching people making total fools of themselves.

In short when they come out on dvd I don't think i'll be making a purchase. by all means go and see the films for yourself and make your own decision but don't say you haven't been warned.

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Frizbe said...

Personally I liked all the plot, bar the crappy end bit that you talk about, and of course the even worse after the credits bit.
My Peanut.