Friday, 15 June 2007

The House of Green

I seem to have underestimated my ability to not kill off the seeds I planted, because they have all turned into rather large plants in the greenhouse. I have tried somewhat successfully to unload some of the tomatoes, and courgette plants on pretty much everyone I could convinced that they needed them, I even gave a few to my neighbours, see I'm very nice, but still they keep growing, and I'm quickly running out of space for them. I have taken most of the courgette (zucchini) and pumpkins out to be planted in the flower boarder, between the rose bushes, or should i say rose sticks after they got trampled by the work men putting up the new fence. I'm not happy about that they destroyed my best rose, not that I really did anything to the roses but they were pretty and smelled nice and now the bush is no more. sigh

Anyway things are all growing beyond my skills to tame them and I really haven't got the heart to let perfectly good plants die. On the other hand I'm quite confused as to how everything is doing so well in the garden but my houseplants never seem to last very long before giving up the ghost as it were. I'll have to see if I can sucker anyone else into taking one of the left over tomato plants as they are desperate for bigger pots and compost which i havent got, and even more desperate for space, which there is none.
Apparently I have green thumbs, I just haven't a clue what I'm doing.

Pumpkin Flower



Frizbe said...

You sure have :-) wonder if you could sell any of the toms? box outside your gate??? mind you honesty pot might get nicked.....oh Izzy found you a great cupcake recipe book today, remind me about it next time I catch you!

Julie said...

My tip for sickening rose bushes is to prune them heavily. If you cut them back until they're little more than a sticky stump, they seem to take it as a challenge and start growing like crazy.

Tomatoes are plants that I must introduce into our garden, which we treat very much like a work in progress. Until recently it was overwhelmed by several Leylandii and while we had them removed, they leach and poison the soil so the beds where they stood are still empty.

We are however doing well in the herb department! The rosemary and thyme we planted last year are doing very well for themselves. We're watching this years lemon thyme and apple mint with interest. Oooh and the strawberries are looking healthy, though I doubt we'll get a crop out of them...