Friday, 27 June 2008

The Button Thief

the button thief (a sketch)

For some reason, unknown to myself, the words "Button Thief" popped into my brain and have plagued me at odd times over the last week or two. It all started when I was playing with some buttons displayed in a basket in a charity shop, and again later I picked up a button on the ground near the park, and I wondered who would want a little lost button? Why a button thief of course.

I imagined a little mouse or squirrel but while sketching in my notebook today a little birdy decided she is the button thief, and a pretty little one at that. She may just need a little black mask, after all she is a criminal, and as such she must keep her identity a secret.

If I get the chance over the weekend I will try and paint the button thief, on vintage book paper, but for now she is just a little doodle in one of my many note/sketch books. H has a cold today so has stayed home from preschool which means the house is a tip and he has been like a poorly little leach stuck to my side all day. So aside from ten minutes frantically sketching ideas in my notebook I have nothing to show for myself today... maybe tomorrow... or the day after.

Have a happy weekend!


Chloe said...

Oh I love it!
I actually think it looks good like that, having said that if it was done on treated paper it would look lush.

Hells said...

That's brilliant. The kind of thing I love about Black Apple. A concept that no-one would think of, but when you see it you think "Of course!!"
You're sketching is far better than mine.

AnnieB said...

I love this...very beautiful and whimsical...look forward to seeing it on one of your pages

Frizbe said...

Tis lovely :-)
Thought I was the one with poorly Leachs ;-) we can adopt him if u like?

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