Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Purple Jade

dream agate

I have some beading mojo back! Apparently I just had to order some more beads and some toggle clasps and I'm a happy bunny. I'm totally in love with the purple jade beads in the purple jade bracelet.... I have a thing for purple but they are such a lovely mottled mauve-y purple colour how could I have not ordered them, they look fantastic paired with my favourite rounded square silver beads.

The fantasy dream agate beads are very funky too, its a shame that the sun is hidden today because they would look great with a little sun shining through them. They will be going up for sale in the Etsy shop on Friday. And speaking of shops did I mention that I have a small display of my jewellery in a framing gallery in town? Well I do and I'm so proud of it I hope they sell but this town is a bit hit and miss with things like that, all I can do is wait and see and keep making things. Happy Crafting!

purple jade

p.s. am I the only one with "Purple Rain" on my internal radio?


Hells said...

As soon as I saw the tag purple jade I started singing Purple Rain!!!
Very pretty indeed. Good look with the shop sales.

Miaou said...

LOL I wasn't singing purple rain before but I am now ...!

I LOVE the dream agate bracelet - those beads are so elegant!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

I LOVE the first one! Beautiful beads. Just my sort of colours.

AnnieB said...

oooh, love those, especially the agate one, it reminds me of th eginger one I bought for my sister's birthday a while back

congratulations on having some of your lovely jewellry in a shop...hop ethat works out well

Frizbe said...

the agate one is my cuppa tea!
PS: There is a new gift shop opening down the road from me, I reckon she'd take some of your stuff too!! has a nice necklace displayed on a rock in her new window!

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