Thursday, 26 June 2008

Postal Candy

vintage fabric canvas and pouch

I have been meaning to post pictures of what I got from the lovely Mel from the Vintage Swap that I organized many moons ago. First I must apologize to Mel because I kept forgetting to blog the gorgeous little canvas she made for me with its own matching vintage fabric bag. Its lovely Mel thank you so much once again, I can't wait to put it up when we move house. Please visit her blog Sky Rocket Sews and her etsy shop too.

kitchen swap goodies

These beautiful goodies arrived last week from Karen for the Kitchen Swap organized by Pink Petal Designs. I'm in love with the beautiful tea towels with lovely little butterflies cross stitched (?) on, and the sweet little knitted heart, and the knit pot holders. Lovely! they are all hidden away in the kitchen I can't bear to use them just yet but I keep looking at them. Thank you so much Karen!

tea time painted page

Here are the things that I sent to Karen for my part of the Kitchen Swap. Along with a few other bits and bobs that I forgot to photograph in my rush to get the package in the post. Karen said her kitchen is blue and pink so I painted this little cup of tea in said colors. I know that the painting may not be a useful kitchen item but I thought it would look lovely in a little frame. I was at a loss for what to make her after that so I made this simple, and I think quite elegant black and white key chain. Which I hope defines a useful kitchen item. I hope you like them Karen, I had a lot of fun making them for you.

onyx, and white jade keychain


Adele said...

Lovely swap goodies...and yes, too good to use, just look!

love Dingle.x

Katy said...

oh wow - what excellent goodies!!!

Frizbe said...

gorgeous swap goodies :-)

mushroommeadows said...

What great swap items!!!

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