Sunday, 10 April 2011

the Nightmare Before Valentine's Day Swap Recieved

brown paper book

Here are a few snaps of the lovely Nightmare Before Valentine's Day Swap package I received from the lovely Jessica. I think she outdid herself sending me such a marvellous parcel in the post. I was beaming for days after the parcel arrived and I pawed through all the little goodies she thoughtfully gathered and crafted for me.
beautiful cover of the book Jessica made me

I told Jessica that Jack Skellington was one of my favourite Tim Burton creations so she designed her swap parcel around him (much more coordinated than I am). She made me a lovely pocket organizer (made with stripy fabric and vintage doilies no less) and a paper bag book (I had no idea what that was, my paper crafts abilities are quite small but the book she made is smashing. She wrote in a note that she thought I might like to draw and paint on the pages she crafted, I'm not sure I'm ready to draw and paint on the pages but the book sits beside my desk and I keep having a flip though the beautifully crafted pages when I need a little inspiration.

jam jar of buttons, cupcake cases and halloween cupcake toppers

Jessica did some snooping into my blog and my love of bon maman jam jars for craft storage... and drinking glasses. She filled a jar with black and white cupcake cases, some ace cupcake toppers, and red, white and black buttons. How awesome is that? I still have a few of the Mounds chocolates she sent me, they are hidden on my desk which is in an odd state of tidyness at the moment.
pocket hanger/organizer, a box filled with mounds
chocolate and coconut candies.

I love the packet of vintage ephemera she sent, I don't know what I shall make with this small horde of vintage papers, they are gorgeous and inspiring and I'm itching to doodle on one or two of them. It was a fabulous swap and I am so grateful to have had Jessica as my swap partner. We are off on holiday Friday to visit my parents otherwise I might be tempted to think up an idea for the next swap I host. ;o)

gorgeous paper ephemera, buttons and ribbon. <3

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Jessica Rodarte said...

I am so glad you liked your package. I hope you liked it as much as the one you sent me. :)
I hope you enjoy your trip! I know you're probably running around like mad right now, but it will all be worth it when you're on the plane on your way to your visit your parents!