Thursday, 8 July 2010

Luna the Changeling

Luna the Changeling

Luna is a little changeling faery child. Born beneath a faery mound of the Unseelie kingdom and swapped with a human child. She was unloved by her human mother who left her in the deep forest tied to an oak tree by the lace ribbon round her neck. Mother said stay so Luna did. She crawled beneath the gnarled arms of an oak tree and fell asleep under the moon. Tiny mice nibbled at the lace ribbon tied to the tree as she slept. When she awoke she was free of the binding and surrounded by a faery ring of crimson capped toadstools. Luna crept across the forest floor, drinking dewdrops from the flowers, nibbling on fresh shoots of bottle green grass.

She played with the forest children, tiny fox cubs, wolf pups, fawns, blackbirds and ravens. She spoke the language of the moths, and the language of the bees. The owls gifted her with mice (it would be terrible rude to refuse, owls are very proper you know), bats gave her fat bugs, the squirrels brought nuts, and little blackbirds collected sweet berries to eat. Even the spiders danced on their shining webs to make Luna smile.

Luna the Changeling loved the forest but she was sad, and everywhere she walked among the trees crystalline tears fell from her sad little face, and where each tear touched the earth a pale blue flower grew. Luna cried her sorrow, for despite the creatures of the forest she desperately wants a home. A home with someone to love her, to sing down the moon and carry stars in their pocket.

Tattered little changeling wandering the forest in a dirty dress, and faded lace ribbon tied round her neck singing in the language of the animals. Skipping stones through glassy puddles, dancing in the moonlight, collecting brightly coloured autumn leaves. She sometimes creeps into people’s homes sitting in their chairs pretending she might live there.

would you give Luna a home?

Luna the Changeling is a one of a kind work of art and love. She is a little primitive doll made with vintage buttons, vintage doilies, scraps of fabric, toy stuffing. She has been dyed/grungeified with a mixture of espresso coffee (I’m a coffee snob), vanilla and cinnamon, she smells like autumn days. She is a doll for grow- ups and big children. She is not meant to be played with my small children who might try to eat her button eyes.

Luna the Changeling is now listed on etsy


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

great story Meri!

Talia said...

She's so gorgeous! And I love the story. It made me smile. Especially the thing about the chairs!

I wish I could justify buying her because she's just so lovely!

Gemma said...

Another fantabulous story and creation

jillytacy said...

Luna is wonderful and I love her story! It's nice to hear one of the stories you have in your head. I know there are more stories waiting to get out. Thanks for sharing one with us.