Saturday, 24 July 2010

Mystery Parcel

So a few days ago the floppy haired werewolf postie (he totally is a werewolf and is friends with the Carpet Flogging Vampire, its a lovely town I live in) posted this mystery parcel through the door. I opened up the first layer of of parcel paper to find the green ribbon wrapped present with 'blog me' , 'pass on the random act of kindness' and the lovely note in the above photo ' Meridian Ariel, keep on following your instincts and your passion. Loving your work, The Cupid Concept'.

Inside the parcel (which I carefully unwrapped and in no way whatsoever tore into like a wild thing, totally did not at all do that. Honest. *shifty look*) were dark chocolate covered coffee beans, mini sparklers, and a little match box absolutely stuffed with vintage buttons and beads.

I don't know who sent the parcel, where it was from, nobody who I have asked will admit that it is them but then again admitting you are the mystery gift giver takes away some of the fun. The concept seems to be ”follow your passions and share them”. A ‘random act of kindness’ sent to me because I'm following my passions. Is that what I am doing? with my blogging my crafting and baking? Stepping back from the everyday to follow my passion for the things I make and do?

My friend Claire of Things We Make was sent a mystery gift too. Though she swears she didn't send me mine. I think it's a very sweet concept and will be contacting the blog to see if I can share the random act of kindness and keep things going. We all need a bit of mystery and happiness in our lives.


Craft Matters said...

How wonderful!

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Flame said...

Oh how lovely!

jillytacy said...

What a great idea! You are totally deserving as you are following your passions, creating, blogging and doing a great job at it! Yeah for you!