Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Better Days

lavender jade earrings
I think my earrings are getting better. What do you think? I really like how these lavender candy jade earrings have turned out, I would be tempted to wear them myself if I actually had pierced ears. Yes I know I'm sad, 30 years old and untouched ears. I have a bit of an issue with needles, although I will sit and watch Maimi Ink, and LA Ink watching people squirm as they get tatooed with needles and I'm totally fine with that. Obviously I haven't had that particular pleasure either... I'm too indecisive to actually get anything that permanate done.
prehnite and amethyst pin
This pin is part of the Self Indulgence Challenge I posted on the Mumsnet Arts and Crafts Blog, I listened to Evenesence, The Open Door while I crafted, with a little bit of time I had been gifted by H going over to grandma's (my mother in law) house for an hour. I think it looks lovely, I love the colour purple, especially amethyst, and I think the amethyst and green prehnite look great together.
To make my day even better I got my Easter Swap present from Chloe, a lovely plush Easter Egg ornament, with my favourite "bruise" coloured buttons. She also stitched Meridian Ariel on the back, and included four faceted pear shaped amathyst beads, and a lovely little note too. Thank you Chloe!
button Easter Egg from Chloe

hand stitching of Meridian Ariel on the reverse of Egg


AnnieB said...

awh, that egg is really lovely - I love the buttons
and your earrings are fab - why don't you get some findings for non-pierced ears, then I can buy soem from you too!!!
great brooch
you are a busy crafter these days - good for you...

Meridian Ariel said...

annie- I still owe you something.. so if I do a bit more practice and find some non-pierced findings you will find your self in possesion of a new matched set... ;o)

I'm waiting on an order of beads from etsy... some absoloutly fab bright blue round jade beads... and other secret things!

Frizbe said...

Lovely Easter Swap Egg like it lots. New photos of jewellery very good too, like both bracelets :-) Earings looking good too, though I don't wear danglies much these days, as dd2 tends to want to rip them out my ears.....

tillyboo said...

Love the swap ! And really nice touch to be personalised too.

I really like the colour of the earings, very pretty.

Whizzz said...

I too have unblemished ears!! I need to find some clip earrings that are decent quality then I can make some more too. Yours are lovely by the way.