Friday, 15 February 2008

Peppermint Tea Stained

The above picture was a sketch I did this morning, that I decided to do some further expirimenting with tea staining. She was drawn quick from an image in a magazine and I'm not really happy with her. I asked M, who was pottering in the kitchen to put the kettle.

me: "can you put the kettle on?"
M: "What for?"
me: "a cup of black tea, no milk, for this sketch."
M: "Tea staining?"
me: "yup"
M: "ok tea is ready."
I get up and go into the kitchen and look at the cup. "that isn't very black."
we both look down at the tea and M says:"I know I think I made green tea instead. give it a try."
so I shuffle off with the cup, a tray, and the sketch. A minute later I shout back. "Its not green tea its peppermint tea."

So now I have an ever so slighty peppermint tea stained sketch, that I still dont really like but I have been busy none the less.

rose quartz bracelet

square cut garnet and silver bracelet

I love the garnet even though the poor image quality dosent show the vibrance of the gemstone beads. Plus they are square and I love square beads. Better pictures soon I hope.


tillyboo said...

Beautiful as always ...
I should be able to start on the bunny when I get back from Cornwall so I'll have a think about the swap too of you are still up for it ?

Meridian Ariel said...

yes still up for the swap.. have a lovely time!

Katy said...

Well, I've never heard of peppermint tea staining, but it's certainly worked!!!!

I love square beads too!

Frizbe said...

you have been very busy!