Saturday, 2 February 2008




cherry blossom


The above paintings, acrylic on canvas, I painted months ago and dragged them out yesterday, and darkened them down with a watered down layer of dark brown mixed paint. I think it gives them more of a dark brooding quality. They do look much better but I couldn't get a decent image with the light being poor yesterday. M says he will take them and scan them properly for me on monday so that I can possibly put them up in the shop. they are only miniscule 7in x 5in, I love them but they need to go so I can make room for the blank canvases I have that need painting! let me know what you think.


Frizbe said...

I like the last 3!

JackBlackRoady said...

I think these paintings are delicious! I know what you mean about 'dark, brooding quality' - a seriousness!