Saturday, 29 March 2008

An Apple a Day

Carnelian and white onyx bracelet with apple toggle

Yesterday I wrote a craft challenge on the Mumsnet Arts and Crafts blog and this morning I made this bracelet. My inspiration for the challenge is Emily at The Black Apple. Her artwork and dolls, are brilliant, but beyond that I think that she in herself is a brilliant person, her blog is witty, amusing, incredibly talented, and inspiring. Recently I bought my first Black Apple print, the fern print, technically it was a present for M's birthday but that's just an excuse because I really wanted one of Emily's beautiful prints.
I had ordered the silver plated apple toggle clasp from a shop on etsy and all I could think about was how cute it was, and that it made me think of the black apple (aside from it being silver that is) I considered pairing the clasp with some onyx beads but then I took inspiration from the little red and white toadstools in the print and dug out red carnelian and white onyx beads.

close up of the apple toggle


nephrite jade and black agate bracelet

Sunday Morning crafting-

As I had another apple toggle clasp I decided to make a green jade bracelet, but as I didn't have quite as many jade beads left as I thought it is now jade and black agate. It looks really nice on my wrist and I'm very tempted to keep it for myself and dig out a green t-shirt that has gone AWOL in the closet, Aside from the green Halloween t-shirt that says "wicked" across the front in gothic script...hmmm nah I'm not that cool to get away with that. ;o)

remeber the give away closes on monday so if you haven't left a comment please do.


tillyboo said...

This is lovely .. My dear Uncle had an Orchard and I just adore apple trees and apples ...

The clasp is fab !

You'll see them pop up in my new designs soon.

Frizbe said...

Tis very nice, will check out the Black Apple blog when I get a sec too.

Miaou said...

Love the apple toggle! I always think it's the little details that make a piece go from pretty to really special :-)

Katy said...

They are both lovely. I love Emily's work too - Grace bought me the paper dolls for my birthday.

Gina said...

Gogeous jewellery, love the apple toggles! I live an in apple growing community and they would go very well here!
Yummy recipes here too, will be back again soon :O)