Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter

hardboiled eggs dyed with food colouring
Here it is a lovely snowy Easter Sunday, H is hyped up on jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and cake batter. In fact he is the only kid I know that we had to go wash his hair out in the sink because he got cake batter all over while litterally licking the bowl. The hardboiled eggs look great, the one that is crackled was one that he dropped on the table so we cracked all of the shell and dipped it into the food colour. It lasted all of about 3 seconds after this picture was taken as he devoured it.
The cupcakes are standard yellow cake with mandarin orange icing, coloured orange to match H's sweater. This was apparently very important, not red, not yellow, not green, but orange. With little eggs on top, the icing is lovely, I know because Starbuck nearly begged for some, he almost looked cute. No crafting aside from the cupcakes, though I did tidy out my beads and drew a few jewellery design ideas to mull over later.
hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Sunday.

Easter cupcakes a la orange

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Frizbe said...

Happy Easter to you too! those cup cakes were lovely, thank you very much :-)