Friday, 14 March 2008

Notebook of a Slightly Mad Woman

doodle for a bracelet that I haven't yet made

I have taken up the challenge from Jill at Miaou Crafts to take a few pictures of some of the things in one of my notebooks. Now she shows pictures of her Happy book, I'm not so organized or possibly as happy as that, I am a notebook hoarder though, I hate journals, aside from blogging of course, but have always kept notebooks everywhere, there is always one in my purse, and I covet them fiercely when I see pretty ones in shops or on Etsy. My notebooks are normally a collection of anything from doodles, recipes, knitting patterns, quickly scrawled out story ideas and dreams, and lots and lots of lists. M thinks I should join list makers anonymous.

"Hi my blog is Meridian Ariel and I am a List Maker. " naah It would never work.

Anyway here is random selection of sketches from my current bag dwelling notebook. A peep inside my messy little brain. Aside from a few jotted notes my handwriting is quite awful, I'm pretty sure that only I can read my notebooks for the most part, and wont put you through the horror of my serial killer scrawl, If you are interested in my writing then you can have a peep ad my sorely neglected drabble blog. The Teapot Nebula several of the drabbles were actually roughly written in my notebook first, namely "scene" and "butterfly" and "lunatic" my personal favourite drabble. I really must get to writing more, but I have been having such a fun time crafting...

random doodles of necklaces

lotus blossom sketch that I painted

a cartoon blue heeler

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Miaou said...

Thanks for posting these Meri! I find it fascinating to see the different ways in which we all work.