Monday, 10 March 2008

What the Felt?

teal felt flower brooch

glaring evidence of my lack of sewing skills

Go on feel free to laugh, I have always maintained that I cannot sew, aside from the occasional button replacement. I took pottery and art in school instead home ec, my reasoning was I already knew how to cook, I grew up on a farm so I could take care of animals, what else was there to learn? I'm pretty sure the pottery course didn't really do much for me, although I did make a damn fine puffer fish shaped tea pot! My parents stiff have it but as far as I know it has never held any tea.

This was also part of the Recycle Reuse Recraft Challenge the felt was from a charity shop find of a slightly stained teal scarf that was 100% wool that I bought for a bargain 99p. I have only used the edge of the scarf to make this slightly wonky flower brooch but it is recycled. Even the thread is, its from a hotel travel kit that was kicking around in a drawer.

the scarf in question pre-felting


AnnieB said...

ooh, very sweet indeed - I think you have a future as a felted corsage maker

tillyboo said...

Well I think it looks very arty farty & so what if the stitching is a bit 'wonky'. Its at the back so doesn't matter.

Its really quite gorgeous !

lucykate crafts... said...

well done for giving it a go, it's cute!

Frizbe said...

ah, so that's what the felt was for! I like it.