Friday, 21 March 2008

The Briar Rose

briar rose garnet and sterling silver necklace
another view
I completed this necklace about 5 minutes ago. The pictures are of rather poor quality due to the light being rather absent but I'm extremely happy with the finished necklace. I love the rose clasp and the garnet is so vibrant in the 5 minutes of nice light I got when half finished with the necklace. When I get some better images it will be added to the etsy shop though its lovely and I'm sorely tempted to keep it for myself.
Next I am going to attempt to make yet another felt flower to use up this bit of felt that keeps taunting me, and I might even manage to get my knitting out again over this long Easter weekend.
Its M's birthday next week so I have to do some shopping for that...but I will not say what on the off chance that he may actually read this never know he might... I will say he has bought himself a Nintendo DS light and brain training, and super mario brothers for H when we fly to the states next month. very generous I thought.


Frizbe said...

Lovely jewellery as always. Nice present he's got for himself too :-)

bobbi1mc said...

Absolutely gorgeous necklace! And love the adventurine and jade combinination:) Such beautiful work, and a fun read for my Sunday morning coffee!