Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Katy over at I'm a Ginger Monkey tagged me with a four things meme. So here goes my answers.

4 Jobs::

I worked in the school snack hut in high school (out of class early, free food, and $$$)

A temp job at a stamp producing company, rubber stamps that is, filling out orders fitting loads of little wooden stamp blocks onto a sheet of card..yawn.

a manager in the cash office at Target my manager Terry was a complete psychopath.

Working with M at the studio from time to time, obviously not too much now but I still balance the till and help bounce ideas around, make cards when needed and various other things.

4 Favourite Movies::

The Goonies as that was one of my favourite movies from childhood and I have been to where they filmed a little north of Bodega Bay in California.

Serenity brilliant sci-fi from the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv show (we all know the movie didn't quite work)

Amalie- brilliant and quirky

The Lost Boys- another favourite from childhood, I know half the dialogue by heart, same as the goonies really. I'm not a total film geek but I'm definitely pretty close, narrowing down a life time of favourite movies is impossible. This is just the start of the list, the tip of a very big dvd iceberg.

4 Places I've Been::

Italy, on a bus tour, beautiful had a great time, I ran out of money though and the last few days I subsisted on rock hard bread rolls from the breakfast table that I secreted in my purse. Everything was great till the driver nearly passed out at the wheel and we nearly crashed into a ditch on the way back.

Paris with M for our first anniversary. We did it on the cheap side but had a completely brilliant time wandering around aimlessly.

Inverary Castle, Lock Fyne Scotland- Its where M proposed all those years ago. In a week we will have been married for 7 years, and he hasn't gotten fed up of me yet.

Portuguese Beach near Bodega Bay, Ca- Its one of my favourite places to go in the world, the English seaside cannot compare to the crashing blue grey waves of the Pacific, the salt spray sticking to your skin and the massive tree trunks studding the beach that just moved along by the waves and are different every time. The last time we went there there was a massive storm and we were unable to actually get to the beach, we just sat in the car and watched wave after tremendous wave crash down on the rocks and beach.

4 Places I've Lived:

New York- In an old farm house that was surrounded by fields and the fields were surrounded by woods.

In a camper van driving across the US when I was little. It kept breaking down and a trip that should have taken a week, took several, I thought it was a grand adventure, my parents me, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a big jade plant, that fell on me. The table had a map of the USA on it so every day we would look at what state we were in and what the next one one be.

Santa Rosa, Ca- I hated it while we were there but now that I haven't been for over 5 years I miss it, I miss the mall, I miss the location so near to the coast and Sonoma, In a week and a half we will be flying to Cali so I will get to snoop around my old stomping grounds, see what has changed and what should have changed and hasn't. I can't wait.

Northern Idaho- technically its were my parents live, and where we just go to stay on holiday, but its a home away from home, with my dad's wonderful home cooking and the dogs for H to run wild with. Its such a great area in the forrest and the people in the town are friendly and nice. Its a great place.

4 Favourite TV Shows::

Supernatural- Its great, gothic horror, sarcasm, and great rock music... and the actors are cute too

CSI- Vegas is best, but New York is growing on me, and David Caruso is over the top hysterical in Miami.

Dexter- a new favourite, a likable serial killer.. if my dad had cable I think he would definitly appreciate it.

Boston Legal- yep its a lawyer show, but were I hated Ally McAnorexic I love boston legal its a very funny show.

4 Favourite Radio Programmes::

Don't really have one... I don't really like English radio all that much.

Radio 1- is just annoying pop noise

Radio 2- is musical tourettes (sp?) it just spits out random bits of music with no relation to anything else.

Classical- is music to crash your car by, becuse you are either falling asleep to it or being scarred to death by opera.

i have no specific programs that I listen to regularly.

4 Favourite Foods::

Italian- pasta with an alfredo cheese sauce ( I make a damn fine one, you can ask M and H they will agree)

Vietnamese- lemongrass chicken yum yum

Thai- Tom yum soup or green curry

dark chocolate

4 Places I'd Rather Be::

In a coffee shop inside a book shop, my favourite places to be.. the smell of coffee mingling with the scent of paper products... mmm

In a city just wandering around looking around the shops and soaking up the atmosphere.

In a tidy and clean house istead of the cess pit this one is.

on holiday in California all ready without the packing and flying bit.

...time to randomly tag some people I know.

Frizbe consider yourself tagged
same goes for you Miaou
and you too Laurie
Last but by no means least.... sky rocket sews


Unknown said...

Great answers, Meri!!! I love the lost boys too. I used to listen to the soundtrack constantly. And Dexter - are you watching it now, or did you see the whole series on FX already?...if you're new to it...oh my God - it's AMAZING, and gets better every week. Yep,CSI Vegas is best(I have a soft spot for Gil) (and according to DH David Caruso is the Cat in The Hat - he does have a look of him)

Apryl said...

you are starting to scare me Katy! we watch way too many of the same movies/shows...

Mel @ Skye Rocket Sews said...

Thanks for the tag,Apryl.
I also love love love Vietnamese food,going out with some girlfriends tonight for a bowl of Pho.
Hope you have a great holiday,excited about our swap...I need to focus,I have so many ideas.

Frizbe said...

yikes I'm tagged, better investigate!Loving Dexter too here!