Wednesday, 5 March 2008


carnelian and silver bracelet

carnelian, garnet and silver bracelet

I have a commission to make a carnelian bracelet and these are two different examples. The top bracelet I'm quite happy with, I love the simple clean line of it. The carnelian and garnet one on the other hand I'm not happy with, the toggle clasp is too loose and I don't trust that if it was worn the bar would not wiggle around and slip off. I don't' think I shall be ordering any more clasps in that shape again. I have one other toggle clasp in stock and need to get some on order sharpish I am just trying to save my crafting pennies for a larger order of beads... so I best get busy with paint and brushes, wool and needles in the mean time... must keep busy.

I have finally gotten some knitting needles out again and am currently battling with some lavender coloured wool there will be pictures soon.

Carnelian: motivation, creativity, initiative, and inspiration.


AnnieB said...

lovely bracelets - shame about that square toggle not being dependable, I could see it looking really great with some big chunky beads...

Meg said...

Those bracelets with the reddish beads are really cool looking, both variations. Very cool, it's great that you're getting creative again.