Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Fabric Brooches

little fabric brooches

Not the best picture, due to today's dismal grey weather but its another step in learning how to sew. They are fabric brooches, or will be when I add backing pins. I have one somewhere I'm pretty sure. I saw some similar (rings and key chains) while in Paris last week, the price was a bit high ( I don't mind paying more when things are handmade and lovely, but not the tourist rates), that's not what put me off buying them, it was the ugly fabrics and colours that I turned my nose up, I'm fussy and if I'm going to wear something it should be something I like and will actually wear.

I think they look cute anyway, and were simple and fun to sew with some little scraps of fabric that AnnieB sent me. Thank you Annie!

Oh and received my Fairy Tale swap in the post from Selena, Which I hope to try and photograph tomorrow if i can get any light decent enough to do it justice its fabulous! I have apple cake to make now and apple sauce too, and if there is time I may just drag my beads out.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

The brooches are lovely and I do like the fabric. I loved that you saw something and created it at home. Very frugally cool Apryl. I too dread the poor winter light.

Frizbe said...

Very Funky :-)

Annie B said...

aha - I thought I recognised those fabrics! I love the one on the left - I used that fabric on my daughters patchwork quilt so it brings lovely thoughts to my mind. Let me know if you need any more obviously have a knack for getting good use out of them!