Thursday, 20 November 2008

...oops I almost forgot...

king of all he sees, but not a mouse in sight for little owl show you the pictures of my little craft table from Sunday's craptacular pamper fair. At least Little Scrap Owl hid in my art box and popped out to survey that I had done a decent job of displaying my jewellery and art. The he made a little nest out of some bubble wrap and discarded tags and went to sleep. I wouldn't have minded but he did snore a bit, it might have been what kept people away from the event.

I think the paintings mix well with the jewellery

I thought the stall looked nice and I did get a few compliments on my vintage book page art and the use of book pages to display my jewellery on. I was quite proud of my sign as well, its a magnetic frame from Ikea that M helped me print a sign for me Meridian Ariel art, craft & jewellery design by Apryl Lowe.. it looked professional-ish.. at least for me.
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Miaou said...

Oh I'm so sorry that you had such a poor turnout for your fair, Meri, after you went to such a lot of effort. It's lovely to see a selection of all the things you do together - it shows how well you have such a strong "signature style". And your stall looks so sophisticated!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you had as craptacular time as I did. Fairs are very rarely worth the effort for me, sitting for hours to make my stall fee back if I'm lucky. But your stall looked lovely, definitely worthy of trying your luck at another fair.

jillytacy said...

The table looks great! You know I'm a fan of your paintings and who doesn't like jewelery? People should have been flocking to you!
Sorry the turnout was low but I like the word craptacular, I think I'll add it to my vocabulary. Lol!

Unknown said...

I think your table looked lovely and very professional so it's a shame the event was a 'Non Event' so to speak. These things are so hit and miss so don't take it to heart, it's certainly no reflection on what was on offer ! x