Saturday, 8 November 2008

A little Cheer

little owl is a bit previous on Christmas

My computer is fixed, as least for now! I don't know where I picked up some nasty virus from but I have managed to fix it myself... well RegCure did all the work, I'm just happy I could run it because I couldn't turn my computer on for three days! Now I have literally tens e-mails to reply I have been missed, though mostly by amazon apparently.

little robin

Here are a few of the painted pages that I finished off over the weekend, so at least I had something to do while unable to be on my poorly little laptop. I'm not happy with the reindeer, he turned out somewhat menacing, which I'm pretty sure reindeer aren't supposed to be. I love how the robin turned out though, and little owl decked out in his Christmas hat. They have been painted on pages from a vintage 1950 copy of Alice in Wonderland.

one slightly demented looking reindeer


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oh god i LOVE that reindeer - he has that "i am not amused" look in his eyes! and little owl looks great in his christmas hat!

glad to hear your computer is all fixed now x

Apryl said...

*LOL* do you? you want to swap for him? perhaps you can put him in a better attitude than me.

Craft Matters said...

Fab! I especially love the Robin.

jillytacy said...

I love these! The little Santa penguin is adorable. That would be a great Christmas card. You could print and sell those or just send them as your Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

i love the reindeer too. definately looks put out with all that christmas cheer. bah humbug and lucky it only comes once a year seem to be written all over his face. the other illustrations are fab too.

Chloe said...

Another Reindeer fan here!
He is very nice.