Thursday, 13 November 2008

Working for the Weekend

snowflake quartz, teal glass, and metal bracelet
This Sunday I have a table to fill at a pampering event in town to raise money for H's school. M signed me up for it and to be honest I'm quite terrified that no one will want what I am selling. I have been working hard the last few days to make as much jewellery as I can to fill the table. I plan on bringing some of my painted pages as well so have bought a few frames to put them in and hopefully create some sort of display by draping the jewellery over the framed paintings.

faceted black onyx bracelet
I'm note sure if I will sell much, but have promised to give %20 percent of my profits to the school instead of paying for entry. We shall see hoe it goes, perhaps I should make some cupcakes as well.. at least I know that my baking will sell if nothing else does. I should be working away at some beading now, but I'm waiting for a delivery of some findings and have a huge amount of housework to sort out. arghh
red quartz and carnelian pendant
My favourite pieces are the onyx bracelet, the beads are so gorgeous and the red quartz and carnelian pendant. If they don't sell I will put them up on etsy, and if not then well I will just have to keep them for myself. The phone charms are something new I have been playing with, although I probably wouldn't use one myself I do like how they turned out. I best get going and do some sorting out, and make some vague attempt at cleaning the house.

red coral and turquoise bracelets

nephrite jade and red jade pendant

deep rose candy jade, snowflake quartz, and metal bracelet

a few phone charms, teal glass, strawberry quartz, red jade and onyx
and a key chain made with new jade and white quartz


Jackie said...

Hi,am new to all this blogging business but felt that I wanted to add a comment to your today's post about the pamper event you have coming up.
i work in a nursery and children's centre and we always try and hold events to raise funds - for the last 2 years we've had pamper evenings but this year it's on a Saturday afternoon and we're concerned whether anyone will show!! it's also been difficult finding people to have tables to offer interesting things to buy!
Fingers crossed that it goes OK - wish we had items like yours at our event!! Ours is 6th Dec so I need to crack on with more bags to sell (yes, I was persuaded to take part again!!)
Sorry to waffle!!!

Hannah said...

I love the red quartz and carnelian pendant its so pretty. Good luck for Sunday :)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

lovely jewellery Meri - i'm sure it will sell as they will make lovely christmas gifts - i'd definately do some cupcakes too as you cakes always look so yummy.
good luck with it x

stitchin' girl said...

I love your work and I am sure that others will also. Your jewelry is beautiful and I love your painted pages - they are truly special. Good luck!!

Craft Matters said...

Wow you are working so hard. Love the red pendant especially.

Anonymous said...

I would buy all your jewellery, its gorgeous. Hope your stall goes well, know how nerve wracking it can be, I start to doubt everything that I've made!

Frizbe said...

Love the snowflake bracelet :-)

Miss Hanna said...

do you sell these in ebay???? i would love to have them..