Sunday, 23 November 2008

rice hand warmer

rice warmer
Hey look what I made!.... no not the picture(thought it is one of mine that M says looks like Kelly Osbourn), the little gingham pillow.. its a little hand warmer, filled with rice that was lurking in the back of the cupboard and a pinch of cinnamon. Now you all know I have been slowly learning to sew well my Mother in Law bought a little mini sewing machine and we had a play on it earlier, she showed me what to do to make it go and we made a little pillow that H confiscated for his Vampire doll (who is afraid of the dark apparently).

another view but for some reason blogger keeps turning the image sideways.

I dug a piece of material out of my scrap box and sewed this in the little sewing machine. Added the rice and a pinch of cinnamon and sewed up the last little edge. its a bit wonky but that's ok, it smells lovely and it works and I made it all by myself. I am very proud of my little hand warmer as I plan on making a special one for H for Christmas.


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Katy said...

well done! It looks great!

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