Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 20 — A hobby of yours

I think I may collect hobbies, like I collect books, beading, coffee, reading, writing, sewing, knitting badly, painting, sketching, gardening, and a somewhat near suicidal attempt at crochet. I love crafting, the touch and feel of fabrics, buttons and beads, papers and tattered book pages. My hobbies tend to switch on and off, I get obsessive over learning some new craft and then one day my brain will switch off on that and I will start up something new.

But whatever craft I'm dabbling in I think I still love reading more, getting lost in a story is one of my favourite things, to sit curled up by the fire, or in a bubble bath with a drink (coffee of course..or possibly a coke)and a new world to explore is bliss. I will read almost anywhere, even in the car on a straight road, as wiggly roads make me sickly. Books are stacked everywhere in the house, we only have one bookcase that displays cameras instead of books so I have little piles of read, unread and half read books scattered about the living room and bedroom. My books probably drive Matt insane but the stacks make me happy.

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