Thursday, 22 July 2010


Amarantha is on sale in my etsy shop

Amarantha is a tiny little library demon. Books unwanted and unloved have a way of finding themselves in her possession. Sad lonely little books thank have no library, no bedside cabinet, no shelf to call home. Books that weep their sorrows in tears of black ink.

Amarantha dresses in gowns of newspaper and lace, with shining buttons of onyx black and heart’s blood red. She drinks only their bitter ink tears and takes their sorrows away. Amarantha dreams only in black and white. Midnight black and lace white dreams and nightmares of words and stories and book upon book. Reading you will always find her reading and singing to her books.

She loves her books, her charges and hugs them and dusts them to keep them tidy and clean on the black painted shelves in her bespelled library. She will lend you her books, but the price is high, she will keep your soul on hold. And if you are cruel and steal her books and never bring them back, then all the shame on you my friend for you may find yourself a sorrowing book on a black painted shelf in the library of a tiny demoness.

She needs a home that loves books as much as she, and you may find that once she is there that you have books on your shelf that were never there before. And when you go out shopping books will hop in your cart, and you will never leave a bookshop without a sad little book or two. Flea markets, garage sales and boot sales will be the place where you cannot resist the call of the poor little books and their inky tears and cries. For once Amarantha the tiny demoness lives in your home you’re under her spell too.

Amarantha stands about 7 in tall. she is made from cotton, vintage buttons, vintage doily, and yarn. She was stained up with a mixture of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. She is a primitive style doll and meant for grown up kids, as small children may work her buttons apart. Amarantha comes with pretty card with her story typed on it with a vintage typewriter. She will be wrapped in vintage dress pattern paper.

Thank you for having a look at Amarantha and reading her story. Please convo me with any questions you may have.


jillytacy said...

Amarantha is sweet! I love the combination of the printed word fabric and the lace.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

She's really wonderful.

Kathryn said...

She is amazing. And I love her story too. You have such an imagination!