Saturday, 12 January 2008

Creched and Burned

smokey quartz bracelet
Today was a bit of a mad flurry, instead of just having H I was also in charge of watching Frizbe's girls, DD1 and DD2. The house looks like a battle field, granted one for the very small with cookie crumbs, the battered and broken bodies of toys lying limp and forgotten on the juice stained carpet. The echo of screams fillling the air.
It wasn't that bad honestly, mostly H throwing tantrums because 1.) he was too busy talking to listen when I asked him to put his shoes on and it turned into a screaming fit or 2.) H wanted to sit with Frizbe's DD1 his best friend and she wouldn't cuddle with him which he took great umbridge to and ran on of the room using The Pouty Lip to full effect. In the end all turned happy with a game of tickle monsters, mainly me being the monster until all three decided it would be much better to attack me than be attacked.
I even managed to take a quick picture of the smokey quartz bracelet I made last night, I just love smoky quartz, its one of my favourite gemstones. I registered for an etsy shop the other day but haven't gotten any farther than that, partly because I'm petrified that no one will like my jewelry and/or paintings that they aren't good enough. I like the bracelets I have been wearing them so they can't be that bad, and I'm certain that M would tell me he dosen't like my paintings. I know I'm not the greatest artists but the important things is that I am painting right? and I want to do something with my sketches but I will need to scan them first and see what happens from there, I want to try doing a few t-shirts maybe some tea towels. I have ideas, the problem is in cracking my head open ripping the ideas out and running with them. That whole dream to reality thing. Which brings to mind that I have been utterly ignoring any attempts at writting beyond the quick scribblings on here, the last post on my drabble side was over a month ago. Sombody just give me a swift kick please....


Frizbe said...

Glad the kids weren't too bad, thanks very muchly for the bail out, once again! Oh and here's your swift kick!!

Unknown said...

(boot) did you feel that? Sorry, I hope it wasn't too hard!
Tea towels and t-shirts sound like a great idea. (Especially tea towels - you can never have too many of them, can you?!)
The smokey quartz is gorgeous!